The experience of using Varicobooster

This story shared with us Amelie, the city of Mechelen (Belgium). A woman has told how with the help of the cream Varicobooster she has managed to save himself from surgery on the veins.

I want to tell you a story about how the cream Varicobooster it has saved me from surgery.

The beginning of my suffering

It all started with the fact that I am very slightly related to their health. The pain in the legs after a day of work and a little swelling I was not troubled. It seemed to me that this is the norm, because I am constantly on her legs, why not to harm the evening? When I got to the doctor, I have already been very strongly expressed by the veins of the legs. Outwardly, it was just horrible (blue-huge red veins protruding), but the physical discomfort, he has brought me, and next to it, was not the aesthetic problem.

The first question I was asked by the doctor: where were you before? Before, I was busy with everything that you want, but not their health. The second question was on the genetic predisposition to the development of varicose veins. Here, the doctor was not mistaken: indeed, my mother, who worked all his life as a teacher has suffered from varicose veins, which she has tried to deal with all sorts of remedies. She has used and coniferous trees, bumps, and infusions of herbs, and even apple cider vinegar, and finally the whole operation.

I have the same, and could not believe that heredity in this issue, plays something of a role, but ultimately I was wrong. Having heard of the predisposition, I'm so afraid that I will have to go under the knife of the surgeon, who has almost lost the gift of speech. The next question, the doctor was on my professional activity, – is not this it with a prolonged stay in an upright position? I already have more than 10 years, she has worked as a hairdresser, and of course, a time spent on the feet. Hearing this, the doctor said: "I Hope to work, you don't walk on your heels?" Me mrs in the pot has started: I've always worn high-heeled shoes, as it seemed to me it is a girl, and beautiful, yes, and the feet are so used to not a natural position, on the platform, the platform in general, I could not walk. I remember how to get home and put on slippers, I needed at least an hour to lie down, to walk on the foot without pain.

So surprised by my irresponsibility has asked the doctor, when did the first signs of varicose veins? And I and mention, in particular, could not, when I started to feel the fatigue of the legs, there was swelling and vascular stockings. In general, I fell into a state of stupor, because had no idea that these are all symptoms of problems with the veins. I thought that the pain and explicit, blue veins, and there are signs of problems, and found that it appeared to me after the pregnancy. And it turned out that he has me already very long time. My body has desperately tried to reach out to me, but I was blind.

As the cream Varicobooster it has saved me from surgery

Sitting at the front desk to the doctor, so I корила in its not pay attention to it, crying almost. The doctor tried to calm me down, in fact, the survey revealed that varicose veins are not yet in the terminal phase, and that getting rid of him without the aid of a surgical scalpel. Then the doctor suggested me to take a vacation for a few weeks, buy special lingerie for constant a compress and use the cream Varicobooster. The specialist said that it is a very good balm, which is already the one that his patient had delivered and the need to conduct an operation for the treatment of varicose veins. I started to worry me, because on a lot of creams, ointments and gels I had a terrible allergy, but the doctor reassured me, because this tool has been a completely natural composition, which is hardly anyone does not cause reactions.

I've calmed down a bit, has established himself on the success and strictly follow the recommendations. I did not notice that quickly my swelling has started to disappear, the legs less tired, and sick, and especially of vienna have ceased to be an impressive sight. At the end of the course, the application of my feet were completely healthy, so the doctor allowed to return to professional life, but I've decided to change their place of work, because it is not ever wanted to risk your health.

The experience of the use of the cream Varicobooster

Now my legs in order, and I can without problem wear open things, and even after long walks with your child do not feel the pain and the fatigue and swelling even I do not remember it. May be someone will help my story, and I'll be very glad if someone is also will help to avoid surgical intervention and will be able to cure varicose veins using the cream Varicobooster.